Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Baby No More....

We celebrated Keira's birthday with a family dinner tonight. Grammi, Papa, Uncle Ruben and Auntie ReeRee joined us for pizza, salad, and cupcakes from Indulge (which just moved to Sumner, yay!). Tomorrow we are having a party at daycare with her friends there, and on Saturday we will host our friends and some of their kids here. Wow...that's three days of celebrating. What a lucky little girl:)

The birthday girl with a pizza face:)


Blowin' out the candle (the assist from Daddy isn't on camera)

Can you guess what Grammi and Papa call her?

Christa says this was the best money she ever spent.

She's officially a toddler folks...I don't know if I can take it. All around me people are popping out babies again, and Tom says...NO MORE! Don't get me wrong, in my head I know we're done, but in my heart I'm ready for another. My baby turned two today:( I need another cupcake.

Monday, November 2, 2009


We had an interesting evening on Halloween this year. We actually didn't make it home until after 11pm on Saturday. "Why?" you ask. Well, we decided to run all over Western Washington this year, and consequently were caught in traffic from two car accidents. Needless to say we were exhausted the next morning. Plus, Keira got sick in the night. My mom is giving me a hard time about the junk she ate...but I'm not feeling very well myself right now, so I choose to believe she had a little bug:) Besides three suckers and one piece of candy isn't that much, right?! I guess if you top that with Sonic for dinner...I STILL choose to say bug:P The trouble is that she's too dang cute, and everyone wants to give her what she wants! Tom is adamant that we won't be doing so much "visiting" next year. But, it was sure fun to see everyone's face when they saw the kids in their costumes! Here are the pictures for you to enjoy.

Jackson's grumpy "don't take my pic" face...while the other two say, "Cheese."

The "other" local high school (Bonney Lake) had a great event put on by a local church. Lots of games, candy, bounce houses, and even pony rides. We stayed nice and dry:)

Keira plays "putt putt" for candy.