Monday, April 27, 2009

My love and hate relationship with technology...

Okay...Sorry that I've been absent. I have SO much to post on here and will get to it soon. We had a slight computer meltdown, but are remedying that posthaste! And somewhere I've managed to lose my memory stick adapter for my camera...So pictures will be posted as soon as I can find it!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

PRT ready..."If it hurts then you're doing it right."

So some of you know that Tom and I started running this week. His PRT (physical readiness test) for the Coast Guard is next weekend, and he needed to get in some running before hand. We've been doing a mile and a half, which is what they make him run for the test. I haven't done any running since before Keira was born, and it shows. But I'm happy to say that it went even better today. Our route takes us up and down three hills, two large and one small. Tuesday I walked up all three hills, but today I ran up the small one, and halfway up one of the large. Now I know that's not really impressive...I mean I have friends who are training for full and half marathons...but I'm happy:) Tom and I were talking while we ran (good reason to run with someone, they keep you going) and I mentioned that my legs didn't feel rubbery like they had the last time. I told him that they hurt a little. His reply was, "Good, then you're doing it right." Then he laughed. Gotta love the man...But seriously, he's slowing down to my pace and being very encouraging. It's so much easier having him to do it with. He even was going to give me an out because it was raining, and just go by himself. But I SAID NO! I mean, this is WASHINGTON, if I don't go when it rains, I'll never go:) So while I'm sore, I'm also feeling great. Really happy that I've made this change in my life!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New in town I'm new to this whole blogging thing:) My friend Mel has been trying to get me to start one for a while now, and I'm finally giving in! Please bear with me while I try to figure it out...I'm not real happy with my set-up yet. I may have to have Mel and her family over for dinner so she can help me!

So one of my conundrums has been what to name my blog. I have a temporary name on here, but before I make it permanent, I wanted to ask your opinion. Here are a few ideas, feel free to tell me what you think of them, or suggest new ones!

  • Don't Blink
  • And Princess makes Five
  • Fuge Fam of Five
  • Life in the Mad House
  • These are the Days
  • Life at the Lake
  • These are the Good Times
I promise to add pictures soon...I am starting this now, so that I can post lots of pictures from this weekend's Easter celebrations.

Oh, and you're all invited to our church's Easter production, "Behold the Lamb." It's this weekend (Fri, Sat, and Sun at 7pm) and it's REALLY good. Unfortunately it can be a little graphic for young children in that they crucify Christ etc. So, probably best to leave the little ones at home. Jackson, Logan, my parents, Christa, Ruben, Jim and Jacinda are all in it. Tom and I are staff...he's working the nursery (seriously, lol) and I'm the costume lady.

Hope you can make it!