Thursday, April 9, 2009

PRT ready..."If it hurts then you're doing it right."

So some of you know that Tom and I started running this week. His PRT (physical readiness test) for the Coast Guard is next weekend, and he needed to get in some running before hand. We've been doing a mile and a half, which is what they make him run for the test. I haven't done any running since before Keira was born, and it shows. But I'm happy to say that it went even better today. Our route takes us up and down three hills, two large and one small. Tuesday I walked up all three hills, but today I ran up the small one, and halfway up one of the large. Now I know that's not really impressive...I mean I have friends who are training for full and half marathons...but I'm happy:) Tom and I were talking while we ran (good reason to run with someone, they keep you going) and I mentioned that my legs didn't feel rubbery like they had the last time. I told him that they hurt a little. His reply was, "Good, then you're doing it right." Then he laughed. Gotta love the man...But seriously, he's slowing down to my pace and being very encouraging. It's so much easier having him to do it with. He even was going to give me an out because it was raining, and just go by himself. But I SAID NO! I mean, this is WASHINGTON, if I don't go when it rains, I'll never go:) So while I'm sore, I'm also feeling great. Really happy that I've made this change in my life!

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  1. Way to go! So happy for you! You will love it. Starting is the hardest part, just keep it up. I took 2 weeks off a month ago due various reason and it was hard to start up again. So happy you are blogging!