Monday, June 1, 2009

Skate Night!

Once a month, Jackson and Logan's PTA hosts a Skate Night at a nearby rollerskating rink. We started taking them a couple of months ago. Just us and the boys, for some special time. Keira has her own date with Grammi and Papa. The boys have a blast! It's fun seeing them enjoy the same stuff we did as kids.
**Sidenote**Apparently inline skates aren't just cool, they're the norm now, as we have to pay EXTRA to rent the traditional skates! What is wrong with the world?!

Tom skates with the boys...he swears that he's going to get me
out there next time...we'll have to see about that:)

Logan's little friend skated with him alot.


  1. Awe the memories! Glad you had a fun family night.

  2. So cute! And yes, that's totally weird that you pay more to rent the older skates!!