Friday, August 21, 2009


And yet again here we a place where I explain to you that our computer has been out of commission for multiple weeks. And you say, "Get a new one!" and I say, "Don't I wish!"

But seriously...I have SO MANY pictures to share with you all. And tomorrow we're having friends and family over in honor of Tom's 30th Birthday. A backyard BBQ (let's hope the weather holds out).

When will I add them all? Hopefully this coming week. I am on VACATION! Okay, my idea of vacation includes doctor appointments, dentist appointments, orthodontist appointments and cat sitting. Not to mention a husband who is going to Vegas for a few days to his grandfather's memorial service, leaving me to do the appointments by myself:P I'm not mad, we even considered driving down with the kids. 3 kids in the car for two days, then one day in Vegas, and two more days in the car. NOT a great idea. We're sorry to not be going, but at least Tom will be there.

So...there's lots to share. And share I will. But right now, I have a stinky child to change and a house to clean. (If you know any cleaning fairies...send them my way...please?!)

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  1. The party was GREAT!! Only wish I could have chatted with you more my pretty friend. The kids had a blast.

    Best of luck with the Stay-Cation..I hope you get to do something fun at least one of the days.