Saturday, October 3, 2009

Birthday Party Fun!

A friend of mine from high school, had her daughter's 3rd birthday today. She paid for all the kids to have a day of fun at Maris Farms! Maris Farms is an old dairy farm that became a pumpkin patch about 10 years ago. They have lots of fun things to do. In the evenings they even host a "Haunted Maze" for those who want to try it. We've done it with friends a couple of times, and had a blast! The kids had a great time today playing, petting animals, eating homemade chocolate cupcakes, and getting REALLY DIRTY! Hope you enjoy the photos, and Happy Birthday Molly!
Molly, Logan, and Keira eating yummy cupcakes!

Keira on the ropin' steer. I roped her three times:)

Logan, Keira, and Jackson on the "Cow Train." They pull these cow "cars"
behind the tractor down the field and back. If you notice we put
Keira in the cow named Bossy...'cause she is! It just fit.

Jackson is playing the rubber ducky race game. Pump the water and
see if your ducky is the first to the other end.

Filthy Keira

What a great time! Keira got a jack-o-lantern on her cheek, and they all were drinking the yummy chocolate milk that was, "Fresh from the cow yesterday!" That's what the Smith Brother's Farm lady who was handing them out said. And of course it's hormone free. Lots of fun...Thanks Kim, Curt, Maddie, and Molly!


  1. What a fun day and great idea for a party! Looks like you all had fun.

  2. That looks like a really fun party. Jayne hosted a party for Zane at Farm Fresh Produce on 410...they don't have cow rides :)