Sunday, October 4, 2009

Go Seahawks!

Or "Go Teehawks!" As Keira would say. Up until a few weeks ago she couldn't get that "S" out at the beginning of Seahawks. She's definitely her mommy and daddy's little girl. She will sit on the couch playing while the game is on, and cheer when appropriate. Yesterday coming home from the birthday party she started yelling, "Seahawks!" and pointing. We realized that the truck in front of us had a big 'Hawks decal in it's back window....Her daddy was so proud:) Enjoy!

Her new "Sea Gal" outfit Grammi and Auntie Ree Ree got her

Did you know that her first words (after mama & dada) were yelled at a TV? Yup, at 10 months old she yelled, "Go Teehawks" at the TV during an away game:)


  1. What a cutie! I love that she supports her team :)

  2. Oh she is precious. We better get Easton up on the Seahawks so he can impress his girlfriend.