Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tom's Takeover Tuesday - 5/25

Welcome to Tom's Takeover Tuesday...on Tuesday!!!

This week I have three FTF's. One in the north radius that took 2 hours to find! The other two were part of a series of 4 that posted along Commencement Bay. This brings the FTF total to 46.

So the first FTF this week was a micro (mini M&Ms tube) with camo tape hidden in a rock bed along the river trail. When I got to GZ there were three guys "looking." I passed one on his way out, one was leaving with his dogs when I started searching, and one guy left because he is a tow truck driver and had a delivery in Renton. This left me and one other guy to continue searching. When I got there, he had already been in the hunt for 30-45 minutes. Literally an hour and a half later I pulled up just about the only rock we hadn't turned over...and this was after the cache owner called to taunt my hunting partner. When I pulled it out another cacher arrived. After signing the log we walked down the trail and got the other 3 caches along that side of the river while swapping stories (my favorite!)

That concluded my Everett stay since that was Thursday and I came home Friday evening. The other two FTFs are uneventful stories except I could have gotten the other two in the series the night before if the LOST season finale event hadn't been in full swing!

I did manage to get my new puzzle out last night. We hid it, did the write up, and it posted all in about 4 hours. Then my phone never stopped blowing up with texts! From 10:30 PM to about midnight I got texts requesting more info on how to solve the puzzle. I was reluctant to give out too much information so I was my typical evasive self. :)

The texts then recommenced with another participant at about 4 this morning...those continued until about 2 this afternoon when the solution had finally been ascertained and the hunt was on! Two cachers had the solution because they "worked" together (if you consider prodding me for continual confirmation on their search efforts work. :p) I finally got a text at about 10 minutes to 3 PM that the cache had been found and the fact there was no pen or FTF prize was disappointing. :p So picky!!!

I had high hopes for this puzzle lasting a couple days, but our locals always surprise me with their persistence in getting the FTF. I guess when I am not eligible it's even more competitive. :p I guess I just have to think up a new, even harder puzzle! Although, I do know all three kids were eating mini M&Ms last night...a new multi maybe? ;)

That's pretty much it for this week. It is getting harder and harder to think up interesting material for this segment so I think Lynette may want to start contributing again! See you next week!


  1. Hate to do this to you...but we need help. Or even better, you could go sign the log for us. :D

  2. After last night...you get no help! How dare you not solve my puzzle and just guess. :p