Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tom's Takeover Tuesday - 5/4

I might actually get this post in before Tuesday is over!

Our 10 Years! Celebration Event at Aversano's on Sunday was a smashing success. Pictures to come later, but we filled the back room. We got lots of compliments on the food and the interaction with the attendees. We raffled off ready made cache containers with swag, some trackable items, and a couple other little things that people donated to the event. We also played a couple rounds of "Guess the Coordinates" to the two caches I placed in honor of our event.

Once the picture was taken and the coordinates were passed out the place cleared out like it was on fire, but Lynette and I stuck around a little while longer with a few of the stragglers. I soon got a text from Jay (fozroc) that there was a 4 way FTF on one of the caches with him, Mike (GPSWonderer,) Ray (theDarknyght,) and John & Ryan (WindingPath.) Of course I figured Ryan would find a way to get another FTF on one of our caches... :) The bad news about that one was the fishermen who had set up shop near the cache stole the FTF prize which was a fully stocked ammo can. :(

The other cache was FTF'd by someone who had never gotten one before so "Yay!" for first time FTFers! That ammo can was right where I left it so I expect to see a new ammo can cache soon from them. Of course with all the containers we raffled off we're looking at about 8 more caches. :)

Sean (The McMorrows) hid a multi-cache to be published while everyone was at the event, but it didn't publish until just before 7 PM. I left Lynette with the last couple guests and went on my own FTF hunt. WindingPath didn't show up, but Kelly, Mason, and Eli (psykokiwi, macemakaio, and EagerSeeker) followed me to Enumclaw. Jay, Mike, and Ray were coming from one of our new caches, and Sean and fam met us there. Long story short, it was basically a 7 way FTF. :)

I raced out tonight and got another one in Enumclaw which brings my FTF total to 38. I have to show some restraint tomorrow night though. I have been invited by some of the other local cachers for a trip to have a joint milestone find on Thursday. It will be our 500th, and the other two cachers will be out for their 2000th finds!

That's it for now...it's super late (as indicated by someone snoring next to me. :D) See you all again next week!


  1. Awww...I'm touched to have made the blog :) ! Thanks for the great event! Kelly

  2. Thanks for the awesome event... and the FTF! Have fun on Thursday with those other cachers goin' for a milestone!