Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tom's Takeover Tuesday - 5/11(ish)

So here another addition of my caching adventure update...late as per normal lately. :)

So from Tuesday to Tuesday I found a couple FTFs. That was pretty much it...except I went on a trip to get our 500th find!!!A couple fellow cachers as I mentioned last week invited me on their 2000th find milestone trek. We all stopped 5 caches shy of our milestones. Thursday morning we met at our house, and off we went to Raymond. We stopped in Olympia to pick up 4 caches along the way that sounded interesting, it also cleared up a DNF (did not find) for one of the guys that was on the trip. Once we had those 4 it was on to Raymond.This cache was a multi that started in "downtown," went to a grave memorial sign, a town water tower, and then some trails in the woods. Once we got to waypoint 5 (parking) it was a mile hike to the final waypoint. (This is where Lynette posts a couple pictures of my trip. :p) Once you see the pictures you'll be almost as amazed as I was when we got there. What a place for a cache...and what a great place to celebrate a milestone!

At the end of the hike, this is what we found! It is the trunk of a HUGE tree that somebody hollowed out to make a little cabin:) SO COOL!

The men of the caching teams:
Tom (FugeFinders:P), Eric (WellJointed), Jim (TerribleT's)

The throne...and fire pit.

Franki and Jim (TerribleT's)

To follow up that great day, on Saturday I went out with a caching friend from Enumclaw to Olympia. We found a few caches down there before an event to celebrate someone's 3000th find. Then we went to Tacoma to try for an FTF that we didn't find because it was stolen before anyone found it ( it's not in a good neighborhood...) From there we got a call for help on a cache 5 minutes from there we found a couple days earlier. We laughed at them for a bit before they found it then we went off to find more caches! By the time the day was done, I had logged 20 caches, and the boys logged 21. That of course cost me an FTF 2.6 miles from our house....but it was a good day either way!

That's about it for the Tuesday report...I'll have more on Tuesday (or some day near Tuesday. :p)

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  1. Congratulations on your milestone! Now you just have to catch up to us! [I'm sure you will in no time :D]