Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tom's Takeover Tuesday - 6/15

It's Tuesday! No, really, I'm not late this week... Ok, enough with the shocked faces. :p Let's get to it!

In the FTF realm I scrounged up 3 this week. So in the month I said I would be slowing down on FTF's I already have 10. :p To my defense though, a lot of caches are posting now that summer, well, is supposed to be here. :D

The first FTF this week came on Sunday when I got home from Everett. It was a multi-cache by WindingPath, the psykokiwi clan was with me as well as John and Ryan to mock and snicker. This was a good one that I hadn't seen before, but I had read about it before. Knots in string...so simple, yet so devious! Good one Ryan (even if you borrowed the idea!)

FTF number two came last night and it was Logan's first FTF that he didn't have to share with anyone (except the guy that drove him there!) He was super excited...it's his third, but we usually have company. He has come to grips with his caching name of CacheMonkey03 so now he gets excited to sign his name to the log instead of a huge fight at GZ because "I hate my cacher name!!!" :p

FTF number three came today. Right before Lynette got off work one posted at the retirement and assisted living facility right off of 410. I must have gotten the posting the minute it posted because I beat everyone there by 10 minutes easy, and one person ended up being physically closer, but got turned around thanks to his GPS navigation! (How ironic. :p) Of course it was Sean McMorrow and kids so we shared FTF as he showed up before I was leaving. Go Legion of Mediocrity!!!

Not much else exciting happened this week. I learned how to use a new geocaching tool that routes 24 caches in an area so I went out yesterday and today to see how it works. Yesterday I ended up not using it right in my new GPS, and ended up with 14 caches in about 5 hours. Today I used it right and ended up with 13 caches in about the same time. I don't know if that is poor routing or further distance between caches. Either way it seemed to work out ok.

I also went over 700 caches today! That's not all that exciting, but if I really wanted to (which I don't because it would become like work!) I could probably make 900 by GeoWoodstock 8 in Carnation on the 3rd. No pressure though...I just do this for fun and to kill time while Lynette is at work. :)

That covers this week's adventure (I think.) See you next week with more tales of geocaching!

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  1. The multi was actually dad's idea... I just made everything a bit more evil, like making the string the same color of the tree.