Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tom's Takeover Tuesday - 6/8

Welcome back! I'm late as usual, but this time I didn't forget, I was out late yesterday and didn't have the energy to put together comprehendable thoughts. :) Now on to this weeks wrap-up!

In my quest to slow down on the FTFs I have already gotten 7 this month. :p Granted I mentioned the 3 from last Tuesday, but I said I wouldn't go chasing after ones too far away from home. I tried to stay pretty true to that with in South Hill that the boys got their first official FTFs on! Other than that, there was one on the way home from Enumclaw at the Marshall's loading dock in Bonney Lake, a cache dedicated to my 55th FTF (except it was my 53rd because someone is impatient, :p) and another one that was up Shaw Rd.

Other than those little gems, I was at an event last night at the Pyramid Ale House. It was a gigantic cluster-f, but I got 9 caches along the waterfront and 2 in Seattle Center afterwards. I also got two new coins; one for the event and a pink ribbon coin for Lynette (who couldn't go. :( ) One of the 9 along the waterfront should have been another FTF, but two other guys at the event bailed to go get it...including not paying their bill first... Like I said, this event was not something to write home about, or on your blog. So this is the end of that story. :)

I also got our 650th find this weekend when we went up to Deception Pass and drove down Whidbey Island. That was a fun trip which not only included that milestone, but we also got Jackson's 100th find! The next day we went out and got Logan's 100th find as well...he got to pick which one he wanted so he picked one close to the house. Then for Logan's 101st he wanted to find one of our caches which was even closer to the house. Not good enough to be 100, but 101, heck yeah. :p

That's about it for this week. Cached with friends, ran into other friends, found friends' caches on FTF runs. It's all good! Another successful TTT in the books, and we'll see you next week.


  1. I see you hit a few cache along the Seattle waterfront last night. I work like 2 blocks from there. I found The Unnamed sculpture cache today :-)

  2. Aw, come on Tom. You didn't mention the Co-FTF behind PetCo in Bonney Lake! And we were so crucial in finding it! We kept you away from the wasps! :D

  3. That would be the Marshall's loading dock that was mentioned. :p

  4. cute family! I just found your blog and look fwd to following your journey! :-)