Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tom's Takeover Tuesday - 6/22

Welcome back! Let's get to the recap of the week.

Well, there really isn't much to recap. I managed to get 1 co-FTF this week with WindingPath. It was a Spiderman hanging in a tree along Fennel Creek. Nothing really spectacular, but FTF's are FTF's. Another cache posted that morning in Enumclaw, but I got beat there by a pedestrian with two dogs. :p

Nothing much to tell about this week. No milestones to brag about this week, there will probably be one next week though. :)

The Legion of Mediocrity puzzle I drew up posted yesterday morning. Someone had solved it and found it within 2 hours. This just proves geocachers are smarter than me. :p That puzzle would have taken me a few more hours if I hadn't thought of it.

We also went to hide Logan's first cache today...well, that turned out to be Jackson's first cache. It should be published later this week. Logan also picked out his spot so that will be placed and published later this week too. Now to come up with my next hide. :p

That's it for this week's geocaching update. Hopefully I'll have something more exciting next week! See you then.

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