Thursday, April 29, 2010

What Happened to Takeover Tuesday?!

Ok, so I forgot about Tuesday the last couple weeks. Last week I was working 14 hour days in preparation for my unit's inspection (which my department killed btw!) And this week I just up and forgot since I missed it the week before. So here is a quick down and dirty for the last couple weeks since I still plan on posting this coming Tuesday.

I managed to keep the streak alive while up in Everett for almost three weeks! And I managed to sneak in a FTF while I was on my way to Ft. Lewis to shoot guns...they can't completely shut me out for three weeks! I had a couple FTF opportunities up in Everett except I was either driving home to sign my taxes, driving home to sleep in my own bed before going to Ft. Lewis, or working one of the above mentioned 14 hour days. Lynette even got an FTF on JT's birthday because it posted at Allen Yorke Park...she can't drag the kids out 5 miles and expect a FTF, but 0.7 miles is a whole other animal. :)

Once I was home from Everett, I got a FTF Monday morning! A cache placed by our friends WindingPath (it's about time you have one publish when I'm home!) I proceeded to get a couple more FTF's yesterday.

This weekend marks the 10 year anniversary of geocaching as President Clinton stopped Selective Availability and 24 satellites around the globe became accessible to the average Joe via GPS units. We are hosting an event in Sumner at Aversano's. In honor of the anniversary and the fact we are going to have all the FTF hounds in one place, I placed a couple caches today. They are not supposed to publish until Sunday so we may feel generous and give the party goers a heads up on where they might be located! (Stop salivating Ryan!)

That covers it. Like I said, I'll be back on Tuesday at my normal time slot. I'll give updates on the party and hopefully some pics too! See you then!

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  1. A couple new caches huh? Sorry, I can't stop salivating! :D