Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TTT - 5/17: Writer's Block

Another Tuesday has arrived! I have heard that this has become someone's weekly ritual. Yes, someone other than me! ;) If you're wondering about the alarm...it did go off, I was not here (initially,) and Andy did not smash the phone! Luckily for me, I was only about 5 minutes behind the alarm.

So this week I have absolutely nothing to write about, hence the title. The only big news is that it has been freakin' hot here. We have had black flag days (over 93 degrees with humidity) every day since last week. This has led the guys to finally get their wish and shift to a night shift. Good news for them, bad news for me. They get to work when it's cooler, and I am stuck in the shop during the day with just the Navy guys! One of the guys did volunteer to stay on days with me. This allows his duty section to sleep while he takes trouble calls, and it prevents me from having to hunt down someone to go with me if I have to leave the base for any reason.

Other than that life is pretty boring. I'm so bored that the highlight of my day is playing Mafia Wars and Frontierville on facebook. I'm either doing that or reading...and as Lynette is aware, I am running out of books. ;) I do watch movies, but my supply of movies isn't unlimited either. There are also two TV shows I get every week via iTunes, but one is having it's season finale this week...So much time so little to do. :p Every couple days I do find myself playing pool at the MWR. I'm not the greatest player in the world by any stretch, but I have managed to pull off some pretty decent shots (and still usually lose!)

And here is where it ends this week. As I said, I just haven't had anything exciting going on worth noting. Hopefully next week will be more intriguing (sorry Tracey. ;)) So until then, have a good week!

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