Tuesday, May 24, 2011

TTT - 5/24: Squeaking it in!

So it's technically still Tuesday at home! Lynette reminded me in a quick conversation this morning that I forgot something...typical. ;)

My alarm I have set for this went off right in my hand, but I was having issues getting some webpages loaded and I lost track of what I was doing. These things happen. Now to come up with something interesting to say...

We have now had the guys on the night shift for a week. The week has been full of nothing but heartache for those guys. The boats would breakdown, they would get fixed then another one would break, rinse and repeat for a week. It would be one thing if they were easily solved problems, but the boats here are so beat down that they are random, off the wall problems that take almost all work day to discover. Sometimes we would get a boat fixed, drop it in the water, then we would have to pull it again with another issue. Such is the life of the boat maintenance facility.

During the day we have been fighting boredom. There has been a gun rack that needed some modifications for someone's personal use...that is how DC2 has been killing time. I have been working on admin stuff which is monotonous, but someone has to do it.

That is about it, we have plans to run around town this week. There should break up the tedious tasks to stay awake during the hot of the day. I may even find some time for some geocaching. ;)

Next week, hopefully I'll have more exciting tales, but probably not. ;) See you then!

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