Tuesday, May 3, 2011

TTT - 5/3: Now what?

Well, it's Tuesday again. According to the passive-aggressive note on my iPhone, that I sent an alarm on, anyway. ;) This will be the first week that I wing the blog...and I'm dedicating it to Andy. (Thanks for the note, jerk! :p)

Just to follow up on some old business, last week I talked about the cats. I have an update, sort of. On Friday before our command barbecue at the beach there was a kitten sighting! One of the guys was cleaning up before heading to the beach and this awful mewing sound, that would wake the dead, was blaring from under our water tank. There it was, a white little fuzzball. Mama was no where to be found at this time, but she has been frequenting the shop far more often these last two weeks so we knew she would be back. Saturday the same guy who found the first kitten was working on a project and there were 2! The one from Friday and an orange one (looks like mama.) So here we are with two kittens out of four. Until Monday...when we all come back we are back down to one kitten, the orange one. We don't think too much about it, I mean these things disappeared for two weeks and are back from no where. Today, both kittens were missing. So the moral of the story is we still don't know what happened to the kittens.

Now to new items. I'll start with Andy. Andy and I have been friends since I came to the unit almost 6 years ago. We have been on stupid parking lot camp-outs, infinitely more idiotic "logistics exercise" to Korea, a trip to Cuba, a short trip to Atlanta for some engine training, and now to the desert wasteland known as Kuwait. We started as MK3s together, now I'm the MK1 acting as a chief and he's an MK2 procrastinating on making MK1 because "he doesn't want the responsibility." (Hey Andy, you already have the responsibility, get paid for it! ;)) Anyway, we've been together for a while.

When this deployment/activation started, Lynette instructed me to do these weekly updates. As you know, I started late and then would occasionally forget to do them. Also, as you know, I have set an alarm for every Tuesday to remind myself to do them. Here is where the problem begins. I set the alarm for 7:30 PM. So far, in the weeks I have had the alarm set, I have been here one time when it has gone off. Like any good alarm, I made it one of the most annoying sounds I could find...in this case it is the sound of a slot machine clanking around and spewing money. The great thing about iPhone alarms is that if you don't get to it right away because it may not be loud enough, it automatically becomes more audible so you can hear it. Oh, and it doesn't shut off until you turn it off. Enter Andy...

As you may imagine, this alarm can be very annoying if left unattended. Tonight was one of the nights I was not here to hear it. I set it for 7:30 because I figured I would be back from the gym and dinner in time to hear it go off and I could get to writing. Boy have I been wrong! Tonight I decided to stop at the MWR building and play pool with our DC2. This is just something to breakup the monotony of getting up, showering, going to breakfast, going to work, going to lunch, back to work, go to the gym, eat dinner, go to bed. Well, the alarm went off and since Andy's bunk is right on the other side of one of the walls of lockers from me, he came in to turn it off. Apparently this is a weekly occurrence for him. So when I got back to my room I had a note waiting for me on my iPhone...

I would share the contents of this note, but this is a family show. :p Andy has a pretty good sense of humor so the note was laced with passive-aggressiveness and some expletives just to spice it up. He finished it off with "Much Love, Andy." What a guy! This is all in fun so we laughed about it prior to me beginning my weekly venture into sharing with the world. Although, I'm sure it is super irritating for my alarm to be going off when I'm not here...

So on that little tidbit of storytelling, I will call it a blog. I hope you enjoy my freestyle ramblings this week...there will be plenty more where that came from. So see everyone next week!

(Now where is my phone so I can set it for 8:30... :D)

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  1. Next week set 2 alarms 20 minutes apart so Andy can have twice the fun.