Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TTT - 5/31: Another month down!

Ahh, Tuesday again. The alarm is working, and Lynette didn't have to remind me! What happened this week?

Well, beyond wishful thinking, I have nothing exciting to write about this week. The highlight of this week so far has been Tracey unloading her FrontierVille collection inventory on me. (Thanks, Tracey! I probably would have never gotten all those things. ;))

We had our first three day weekend! Well, some people did...mine was cut short by a Memorial Day ceremony at the basketball court. It was a nice gesture, but it was 120 at 10 AM so not very fun. After that I had some paperwork to catch up on from the previous week, my Monday ritual. That pretty much put me at a full workday. At least most of my guys took the three day weekend off! For those who were really ambitious Monday morning, there was a 5k run. At 6 AM it was 85 degrees, and by the time most people were done at 6:30 it was about 95. Not my idea of a good time. I'll wait for the Father's Day 3 man 6k relay. :D

The evening included some activities that mostly involved non-alcoholic beer. C'mon guys, why punish yourselves like that?! No one I know drinks Budweiser for the taste... There was volleyball, free throw & 3-point shooting contests, tug-of-war, among other festivities. I chose to play pool beforehand and be gone before the NA beer started flowing.

With this incredible heat came an inquiry about how to keep our shop cool during the day. (Not everyone get's to work at night. :D) The solution was a curtain enclosure... It's basically a large mesh tarp that traps heat in. So instead of being 110 in the shade of the shop compared to the 120 in the sun, it's now 135 in the shade of the shop. We had working AC units until a few days ago when they replaced the generator with a new one that requires a key...I have yet to see this key. On top of that, only one of the two AC units is hooked up to the generator. Maybe when the AC units are both working, it will be less than completely miserable in the shop, but for now I'll stick to my office.

Today is the last day of May. That's another page on the calendar that is now behind us. We have a couple more left, which sadly is always the longest. I'm hoping a couple things pick up here for a least a couple weeks to help the time go by, but even then, that will just be a short reprieve. I plan on getting some geocaching supplies out here to plant some of those bad boys. I already have one ready to go, I just have to place it. ;) As of now it is camouflaged perfectly on one of my lockers with something written on it. :p

That does it for this week. Next week will be June! (Is 307 here yet? :p) See you then!

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