Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TTT - 6/14: Showtime!

Good news! Another week has passed! ;) That is about all though, that I can talk about. I'll do my best to say what I can this week.

So the title of this blog may be confusing, but I will explain the best I can without saying too much, as I said before. Last week was relatively busy for the Boat Maintenance Facility. We were playing the musical boats game. We had all of our boats in our shop at some point last week for various reasons. Most of them were getting preventative maintenance. The Navy side also had a few boats in. Right now, there are no boats in the shop. (Maybe we can get it cleaned out before we have to pull one!)

This is where the title comes in, our purpose for being here is upon us for the last time before we leave. I can't say how long, what it is, or when we are leaving, but there it is! Showtime, the pucker factor is at it's peak. Is it dangerous? I guess, but the command is on alert so everyone else is a little edgy. That's pretty much the extent of what I can say without getting myself in trouble.

Highlights from last week for me other than work...I made my iPhone work as a phone for the first time in 5 months. :p I lowered the number of caches I can find by 2 last week as well. That leaves 6 that I can realistically get to before we leave. There may be a possibility for more since I found out everyone has to go to the range before we leave here...(not a happy camper about that btw.) That will be a tale for another time though.

This is where I sign off for the week. I'll be back next Tuesday for more "exciting" tales from Kuwait! See you then. ;)

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