Tuesday, June 21, 2011

TTT - 6/21: What's next?

Another week has passed us by. Yay! The good news about this week is I don't remember much of it. ;) Time is starting to blur together in a rapid fashion which makes time seem to fly by.

As I mentioned last week, this was our big show. There wasn't a whole lot going on in my world, but we got the last major milestone of the deployment out of the way from the command standpoint. Now we are on to the next phase, which is get ready to leave!

This week also was Father's Day week. There were lots of presents received, kind words exchanged, and a RC car road race. ;) My lovely wife got me a book, that I asked her for two months ago. There is more to this story that might seem comical to some and very angering to others. Let's just leave it at it is signed by the author, and I loved it!

"Books" seem to be the common gift around here during this deployment. Whether it be a gift to ourselves or from home, the literature is flowing! Now you'll notice how I wrote "books." In this fabulous age of technology it isn't good enough to get a bound book anymore. (This is my preference, and it's hard to sign a digital book!) There are all sorts of eBook readers around this place.

I know of one Kindle received this weekend. Just in my division that makes 4 people with them. Granted one person has gone through two since we got here...ironically enough he's the electronics specialist. :D There are also a few iPads floating around. I guess these are great pieces of technology, but it will never substitute holding a book and turning the pages. Plus, how am I going to have a study or den or library if all my books are all just bytes on a hard drive somewhere....LAME!

I'm sure these things are very handy to have on a short trip or when you have to pack light, but I have yet to find a justification for owning one myself. Most of the books I read aren't even available in digital format so now they really seem useless! ;)

Now that I have finished my eBook reader tangent, all I have to say is that the next couple weeks hold a trip to the range, (not excited about that,) and getting boats and records ready for the oncoming crew to take over. I can only hope it goes fast, but at least I have this weekly ritual to help me pass the time.

With that, I bid you adieu, and I'll see you back here next week!

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