Tuesday, June 28, 2011

TTT - 6/28: Winding Down?

Another Tuesday is here! Last blog for June 2011 from Kuwait. Ahh, the milestones we keep track of here. ;)

Really the only things I want to write about in this latter portion of the deployment are gripes and complaints. That, however, is not the purpose of this forum for me, and if the command found it they would not be gentle. So I'll keep the ranting to a minimum and try to be civil. :D

We are into the push for the next crew to get here. Boats are getting pulled and given a good once over to make sure nothing major is jacked up. We are making plans for what boats are going to come in and when...futile given the fact the boats are still operating and breaking, but we do what we can. It's hard to make a schedule, and a tool for retrieving boats has essentially been removed until the new crew arrives. That's about it for that because everything else will be me venting about something...

It is staying fairly consistent in the heat category here. The average temperature is roughly 115. It makes it difficult to be outside, but those of us who need to be out in it are managing. (I have an office with AC so I'm not one of the tough ones! :p)

Another event going down right now is the range. All PSU personnel will be filtering through the range between now and when the next crew gets here. I'm going this week, and if I want to stay positive on this blog I probably won't write anything more about it after this sentence.

The countdown is in full swing for a lot of the guys, but I'm trying not to get in to it. The command is making everyone aware of the time left as well so it has been difficult to avoid. I keep telling people if the number of days left has more than one digit, I don't want to hear about it. Maybe when the next bunch gets here I'll start paying attention, but until then I have stuff to focus on.

I think I'll call it good there this week. There hasn't been much else exciting going on. My caching supplies shipped on Friday so I might be busy putting all of that stuff together in the next week or two to keep me sane!

Until then, see you next week!

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