Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TTT - 7/12: New Digs

Blog day! As Tracey says, "One week closer to being home with Lynette and the kids!"

Oh the excitement this week! I don't even know where to begin. Let's begin with the move since that is where the title comes from. In preparation for the oncoming crew we have condensed from 7 PCBs (Pre-cast Concrete Building) into 3.5. My PCB was one of the lucky ones that got to move. This is my second move since being here as, if you recall I mentioned weeks ago, the advanced team lived in a different building from the one I just spent 5 months in.

In an attempt to not get all riled up, as this topic has made me for the last week +, let's just say it didn't go according to the plan. We are all moved now and I'm nice and snuggled into an isle bed where everyone can pass by, point, and laugh at the zoo animal. ;) I spend a lot of time in my off hours just sitting here on the internet so some of them who sleep during the day might think I am sewn to the bed. :p

Today was supposed to be the day I told everyone that another topic of my ire is also complete, the range. Sadly, that is not the case and I have rescheduled to tomorrow afternoon...where it will probably be like the last 2 days, 110 degrees with 65-70% humidity. I have sweat buckets the last 2 days because I have been forced to be outside for extended periods that I am not used to...I'm a paper pusher now, I can't handle that kind of heat! :p

Other than that, we are continuing to prep for our departure here. We are starting to hand in gear for inspection by customs. Some of us are gathering items together and shipping them home so we don't have to carry as much to the airport. This is a little spendy, but I definitely think it's worth it! This also helped quite a few of us go from our customary two locker setup from the old building to our new one locker setup in the new one. Sacrifices are being made, but we're leaving soon so we are just rolling with the punches. I feel like the "Greatest" using the Rope-a-Dope until they wear themselves out and I can deliver the knock out blow, going home!

That's it for this week. Hopefully, if all goes well, I will be in full swing of turnover with my relief and start the slow wind-down. Things are about to get pretty hectic and cramped around camp so I'm hoping I keep what little sanity I have left intact. ;)

See you next week!

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