Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TTT - 7/5: Independence Week!

Blog day, here again! It's July!!! X amount of time before we come home!!! One less Tuesday to go. And so on and so forth...on to the show!

As per usual, this week was mostly uneventful. As I mentioned last week, I was supposed to go to the range. That was canceled due to weather. The group that went the day before us got stuck their the next morning because the visibility was terrible. Sandstorms are crazy! As the day went on, the "weather" got worse so they postponed our day. I have no idea how or when they plan on rescheduling us because turnover is right around the corner, but the next comment I have is derogatory and not suitable for deployment talk. ;)

Friday there were some NFL coaches on camp, I missed it because I was working on some caching things (more on that later!) It was the head coach from Houston, the coach from Arizona (boooo!!!! :p), former Seahawks head coach Jim Mora, Jr, and former coach Jim Mora, Sr. They changed the time on it twice so I missed it, but ultimately I was working toward a different goal when someone asked if I went. I may have said an expletive or two when I realized what time it was. ;)

The rest of the weekend itself was pretty slow, but I got two packages! One from my lovely wife, who sent me more books than I'll be able to read in a year, and more food than I'll be able to consume in the time we have left here. :p There was also a few DVDs which I appreciated greatly! (Zack and Miri is hilarious btw!) The day before that though, I got my caching stuff!!! I received two fake rocks, 5 nanos, and a small lock-n-lock container. I had an awesome multi/bonus caches set up like one similar to home, but I've run into a couple issues with that. (That's another story.) I hid them all last night (4th of July hides!!!) while the main attraction for the camp was going on. Michael Peterson was here for a "concert." Since I was out hiding caches I didn't get to see it, but apparently he did my storytelling than singing. He is a WA native I am told. The best part is Lynette saw him in Nashville on her latest ombudsman trip. Small world!

I was all fired up today about some stuff. We are moving into a different building in prep for the new crew. There is an instruction on what is going to happen, how the move is going to go, and who is moving where. Some people don't want to do what their told, so as Lynette said to me, "Way to make friends" by calling people out and making sure things go as planned. This is the military people...life sucks for short periods sometimes. DEAL WITH IT! That's my little angry moment...I try to contain those, but it doesn't always work out in my favor. :D

On a positive note for today, I got a FTF!!! I now have to move one of the 9 containers I placed yesterday, but those have other issues anyway. Maybe next week I can talk about the caches I got published...as of now they are a no go. :( I have my best people working on it!

That is it for this week. I hope it was a little more enjoyable than the last few weeks. I also hope as the weeks go by my attitude gets better, but as it stands right now, I won't hold my breath. I bid everyone a good Tues-Mon, and I'll see you next week!

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