Tuesday, July 26, 2011

TTT - 7/26: Where'd the Time Go?

Good evening in blogland! (I write these around 8 PM local Kuwait time for those who didn't know.) Here is another Tuesday come up to bite me. Time to think of stuff to talk about!

Good news on all fronts this week. First and foremost, my illness passed within a couple days. I got about 12 hours of sleep last Tuesday into Wednesday so I think I rested enough to help fight off whatever I had. I also happened to have allergy medicine I brought with me that was not being utilized so that probably helped too. ;)

Second piece of good news, the relieving crew has arrived!!!

Friday the Navy's relief force arrived, and Sunday our reliefs came in. The turnover process is in full swing now! We have people getting off the boats so that they can get on, we have people packing up stuff to get shipped home, and there are people everywhere!

The bad news is there are people EVERYWHERE! Getting food is an ordeal with the lines, all the pool tables are always taken, and they bring homeland germs here! I am pretty sure they got me sick, but I am over that since their presence means my presence is about to be terminated in Kuwait! I'm hoping the new crew will take over this weekend, but I'm pretty sure we'll be working all the way up til turnover.

That's about it for this week. Things are kind of hectic, running around trying to get them all set up in the local database. Even with all the excitement of turnover I'm still dealing with boat issues...and not all the issues are with the equipment...

Enough about that. Next week will hopefully be more exciting, but you know me...I'll probably forget all the exciting stuff. ;) See you then!

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