Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tom's Takeover Tuesday - 3/9

It's that time again for the week that was in Tom's geocaching-land. Not a whole lot to report this week. We made our 350th find, we got a couple more FTF's (we're now winning the race against our caching friends WindingPath,) and last night I placed another cache that came in the mail.

Our newest hide comes from eBay. I'm not overly fond of the product I bought, and Lynette and I both thought it be a little...more. Regardless, when we got home last night, and it was in the mail Logan and I ran out and placed it. This one is just at the end of our road at the intersection of 190th and S. Tapps. Of course WindingPath was up and found it first about an hour after it posted (and two trips as the teenager portion of their team had to go to bed for school,) but at the same time I was up in Maple Valley getting an FTF on a cache that posted at the same time as our cache getting a really cool coin!
In hindsight the coin wasn't worth walking along dark unknown trails in Maple Valley, but it is pretty neat. The photos are a little blurry, but the front is a compass face with a "working" compass in the center. The back is an underwater scene in the middle with shipwreck and sunken treasure, and around the edges it says "Fifth Anniversary" and "The Compass Rose Geocoin."

Today, however, did mark the official start of the wood working project with my uncle for our multi-cache to be place in Milton. I printed off some of the sketches, he cut a couple pieces of the wood flooring material we are going to use, he sanded them down to mostly square smooth pieces, and I transferred two of the sketches to the wood. I have a couple pictures of today's process, but mostly it was just talking and prepping the work area. More on this (with photos) to come next week!

I have another (supposedly evil) cache coming in the mail later this week. The original version of it was hidden in Tennessee and took 15 months for the first person to find! So with those two, I still have containers for at least 8 more hides.

So I close this week's geocaching recap. Hope you enjoyed it, and I'll post again next week!

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