Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tom's Takeover Tuesday - 3/30

Ok, so it's not Tuesday the 30th right now, but yesterday was Lynette's birthday so that took precedent over blog posts! :p Without further adieu, on to this week's update.

The wood carving project got a snag in it called Spring Break! I had almost finished it on Thursday, but Friday was Jackson's field trip to the Seattle Aquarium. Guess who was asked to chaperon. :) So here is a couple pictures from that active, one not so active. :D

I also will be out of town for three weeks starting on Monday so hopefully I can make it down to finish up the carving part tonight or tomorrow and then get the container, camouflage, and hide done before I leave Monday morning. Friday also marked the beginning of the church's annual Easter production which the whole family is involved in. So late nights during the weekend!

Amidst all that craziness I did manage to get out and do some caching...

On Saturday we went out with our caching friends WindingPath to Grand Mound and finish off one of our challenges. There was a bird dog hunting group at the park shooting live ammo and training dogs. This made our search a bit more complicated which included a 400 ft stretch of almost all severe down hill in the brush. After that we headed back toward Olympia and found a puzzle I had solved a couple weeks ago. Then we had to get back for the performance.

There were a couple FTF's this week. One was hidden in a tree in the woods in Fife Heights. It took a group of 4 of us to pull this one out! (WindingPath missed out on co-FTF by about 10 minutes even though they were in the park.) :( Then while the boys and I were out yesterday one popped up 1.4 miles away from where we were. We co-FTF'd that one with a couple local FTF cachers. :) I also was co-FTF on a couple in Tacoma that were real bears. One took almost a week and a half for anyone to find (it also involved translating Japanese, Lynette contacted the high school Japanese teacher,) and a multi-cache by the golf course on 19th that had some crazy good camouflage!

One more notable cache this week was the Victor Falls - Revisited cache. Lynette's birthday noted our 65th day of our 65 day streak challenge. So at naptime Lynette and I headed to the falls to grab this one. We had been putting it off because it isn't quite kid friendly due to the proximity to the falls and steep slopes. Now the only "local" caches we have left require wading or boating. :) We also snuck in a puzzle hide for Lynette's's evil! (GC25WY4) Lynette's Looney, Obscurely Referenced Trickery (Good luck, Ryan) ;)

That's it for this week. Next's week update will be coming from


  1. Can't wait to give your puzzle a try!

  2. Geez you guys, you stole my idea for a puzzle. I was just thinking about doing that for a puzzle yesterday! Great minds think alike. Great puzzle.